The Star of Thanksgiving: Smoked Turkey

Want to try something new for Thanksgiving this year? Tired of the traditional and typical roasted Turkey you have had for the past years? Then trying a different turkey recipe might be ideal for you. Why not try smoked turkey.

Sounds familiar? Not quite.

For over centuries now, people in the United States in particular have been used to the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving with the roasted turkey shared by the family. But the curiosity of some culinary explorers has led to the creation of smoked turkey.

Just like smoked ham or smoked bacon, similar concepts apply to smoked turkey although with a minor variations of course.

What you need

1 pc. of 12-lbs. turkey; thawed; without neck
1 tbsp. of savory; freshly chopped
1 tbsp. of sage; freshly chopped
1 tbsp. of table salt
1 tbsp.  of fresh ground pepper
1 teaspoon olive oil
1/2 cup of water


Clean the turkey. Remove unwanted body parts of the turkey’s carcass

In a separate bowl, mix the sage, ground black pepper, and savory. Using half of the same mixture, gently rub it on the turkey’s body including inside it’s cavity. Carefully loosening the bird’s skin on the leg and breast part, insert some of the mixture to distribute evenly the aroma. Finish it off by massaging the turkey with the 1/2 cup of olive oil.

Using charcoal, heat the charcoal grill and prepare the heating material needed including some pieces of hickory. Ensure availability of firewood.

After preparing the cooking grate, place the turkey over the grill. Make sure that the temperature or heat is evenly distributed and maintained to ensure proper cooking. Regulate the fire and do this procedure for at least 4 hors. You may want to increase the heat in the last 30 minutes of the cooking procedure.